Sanguinaria canadensis

Bloodroots are a very speedy(and very early) bloomer.
The flowers can be either double or single .
Below is the blooming sequence of the double bloodroots
in my garden. In a breathtakingly short time they go from
non existent to full force blooming. It is only one week from
when the flower bud first emerges to full blooming.
Below on April16th the double bloodroots begin to break the soil

bloodroots emerging.

One week later the flower blooms. The leaves come later.

These flowers are short stem but the blooms are fabulous,
And they bloom for many days.
They open in the bright sun
and close up and night.
After a week the petals fall off and
their leaves take over.
Notice how the leaves are virtually
non existent in the above full bloom photo and in the photo below
taken one week later the leaves have swallowed up all traces of the bloom
and have become
quite large. They continue to dominant
their little patch of garden all summer long.

Single Bloodroot