Allium Gladiator

Allium Hair

in bud

in bloom

Allium Bulgaricum

pre bloom


Allium karataviense




We grow 4 kinds of sorrel.

The buckler sorrel & french sorrel below are my favorite for cooking.

We make a wonderful sorrel creme fraiche for our roasted salmon.

The large leaf sorrel is also good for cooking but the blood sorrel, at least for my palate, is much more of an ornamental sorrel. i.e. the taste is not a thrill. But visually it is intriguing.

mix of buckler and French. early spring

blood sorrel

large leaf sorrel


Angelica is one of my favorite plants.
It starts very early in the spring and keeps on growing to over 6' high.
It is beautiful in arrangements and fun to add to dishes for that je ne sais quoi quality.
It is great in a rhubarb sauce. It helps to neutralize the acidity while adding a subtle aroma.
Angelica has a slight gin smell and is one of the botanicals used in making some gins.

the angelica swallowing up the tulips